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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Road Trip, Round Two

Step one in removing myself from my beautiful, wonderful, oh-so-sun-shiny life in Berkeley: the six hour drive home in an overstuffed minivan, complete with parents and far too many clothes.

Step two: road trip, round two. Hayley and Erin's trek through Colorado and New Mexico. Some rather unfortunate underplanning (Note to self: some places actually have winter; Note to Erin: sorry I didn't check if it was snowing in Vail) and a rather poorly timed viral infestation later, we may actually get going.

My bags are packed--wine, bottle opener, and a sleeping bag. I'm set.

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erin said...

We are fucking awesome. All I need to say.
- erin (I don't know how this blogger crap works, so I thought I'd leave my identity in case it didn't tell you. Ahhh. Technology is scary.)