The Great Migration: Where I've been

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Operation: Hayley Abroad, Stage 5

Once again, I have changed location. Guatemala, Guayaquil, Peru, Costa Rica, and now Quito, Ecuador. I have set up camp in a little hostal-boarding house, and I'm yet again putting together a life, getting to know a new city, and figuring out what I'm doing with myself. Spanish school, volunteering, yoga...we'll see what comes my way. While I'm waiting for something exciting enough to report (besides the fact that I'm alive and well...I always find that exciting), I thought I would share some pictures with you. Photo-adventure #1--my Misti accent. And in case you forgot the gloriousness that was THAT story, feel free to go like four blog entries back and do your research.

Who's a badass?


Julia said...

You're a badass. Seriously the first word that pops in my head when I hear Hayley is badass.

Why do you get to do yoga and I don't?! Oh yeah, because the euro kills me daily and I don't have money for anything but plane tickets and rent. Does the teacher talk about feeling your kidneys and relaxing your anus?

E. Rose said...

Bienvenida a Quito! Welcome to my adoptive city of...well let's just say 6 months and some change (minus the time I was living in an indigenous community in Imbabura). If you want to grab coffee (real coffee, sorry nescafé) anytime, holler at your fellow DS major down here...i would also like to know where you have found yourself yoga. ANYWAY my cell is 09 825 6590 (movistar) so call/text/fbook anytime. You staying in gringolandia?